09/30/2013 - Training people to fight terrorism at grassroots

09/30/2013 - U.S. sues in support of an employee’s view of hand scanners as mark of the beast

09/27/2013 - Syria’s chemical weapons can be destroyed within nine months: experts

09/26/2013 - National Cyber Security Awareness Month starts 1 October

09/26/2013 - How Sandy has changed storm warning procedures

09/25/2013 - Researchers warn of "hit and run" cyber attacks

08/20/2013 - Sandy show need for more effective preparedness, resiliency standards

08/19/2013 - US power plants, utilities face growing cyber vulnerability

08/16/2013 - US nuclear reactors vulnerable to terrorist attack: study

08/15/2013 - The U.S. Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) tries to keep food safe

08/14/2013 - Imported food: Shifting from catching problems at the border to preventing them at the source

08/12/2013 - Safety engineers welcome Obama's chemical facility security Executive Order

08/08/2013 - White House to offer cybersecurity incentives to critical infrastructure operators

08/02/2013 - US issues global travel alert, to close embassies due to al Qaeda threat 

08/02/2013 - Obama orders safety and security reviews of chemical plants

08/02/2013 - Largest annual homeland security exercise to star Monday in Indiana

08/01/2013 - Senate panel signs off on cybersecurity bill

08/01/2013 - US Appeals Court:  govt. does not need a search warrant to track cellphones

7/31/2013 - Cars' computers could be the next targets of cyberattacks